LifestyleLocal FavoritesRestaurants January 10, 2020

Millville Pizza Co – A Breath of Fresh Air On The Harbor

Millville Pizza Co is a calm and relaxed wood fire pizza restaurant on Harborview Drive offering a break from the pub style menus around town.  Tall ceilings and a minimal clean decor give the interior an airy loft-like feel that instantly put you at ease. With it’s inventive pizzas, chill music and friendly staff, we are always happy to stop in for a meal. My favorites are the Kail! Ceasar salad and the Mustang pizza. This spot is perfect for a casual date night or a tranquil lunch by the water. Millville is also baby friendly with lots of space between tables and a full on changing table in one of the bathrooms. Did I mention they have local beers on tap and wine too? Now everyone is taken care of!